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Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2017 - Part 2

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By Kristen Brady

As you glare ahead and make your marketing plans for your healthcare practice, below are trends to take into consideration for 2017 (If you missed part 1, read it here):

Live video speaks louder than text

Now, Internet technology supports video delivery online, with more available choices than YouTube. Furthermore, video will have a more solid audience appeal (around 4 to 1) than text. Contemporary marketing for healthcare may share stories by way of video content, as well as live streaming video on blogs, websites, and social media platforms. The benefits include educational impact, immediacy and timeliness. Marketing budgets and plans are increasing and shifting in the category of video.
Programmatic video buying more cost-effective

Advanced software draws on real-time data and produces more effectiveness from media budgets. Programmatic media buying will purchase digital video ads and will present video advertisements to qualified customers at the precisely the right time. Inside the next 2 year’s programmatic video is going to account for most digital video spending.
Telemedicine monetization

Advancements in telemedicine are mainly due to consumer and technology expectations. However, telemedicine services are having a breakthrough as medical practices are becoming aware of the means and ways of charging for those services. Medical practices are starting to recognize consumer demand for email, text, and likewise connectivity conveniences. Furthermore, options in monetized telemedicine—like doctor-patient consultations online—contribute to brand differentiation, profitability and office efficiency.
Patients as informed buyers/consumers

The marketing fight for new patients will be played out before the initial appointment call. Patients conduct research information on health and medical, provider selection criteria, treatment options and many other considerations. Patient’s today have more “skin in the game” than before, and their research will guide their choices about treatment and their choice of hospital and/or provider. Informed patient/consumers today are willing to post online doctor ratings, and to make (or to withhold) provider suggestions.
A patient’s time is as valuable as the physician’s time

Within a patient-centric world, convenience now is the new competition currency. Patients need prompt and convenient appointment times. There isn’t any patience for waiting weeks or days for appointments. Very little understanding about needing to “wait inside the waiting room.” Change drove a new consumer reality. Now, patients demand and expect retail-consumer experiences.
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