Friday, May 12, 2017

Where is Medicine Headed in the Future?

The following three aspects are going to change the way in which medicine is applied:

Artificial intelligence

I have always been a fan of IBM Watson. I’ve seen its possibilities as massive opportunities in medicine. It has the ability to help doctors in day-to-day medical decision-making, even though it won’t substitute humans, whatsoever.  As a doctor may follow a couple of papers, perhaps a few dozen papers using digital solutions, Watson will have the ability to read forty million documents within fifteen seconds and suggest the best therapies. Atomwise has the goal of reducing the expenses of medicine development by utilizing supercomputers to predict, ahead of time, which possible medicines are going to work, and which will not. Google Deepmind Health is utilized to mine medical record data to offer faster and better health services. This project is within its initial stage, and currently they discovered a partner within the Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Britain to improve the treatment of eyes.


Since the Human Genome Project completion that had the aim of completing mapping and comprehension of all human being genes, we’ve been envisioning the age of personalized medicine where all people receive custom therapy with custom dosages. According to Personalized Medicine Coalition, the fact is that there will include hundreds of evidence-based personal genomic applications. As we move ahead on this journey, we’ll have an increasing amount of opportunities for utilizing DNA analysis at a patient’s bedside that ought to be mandatory before prescribing drugs.

Patient empowerment

In the future, whether it’s the reliable and right medical data, medical records, or dynamic resources, everything simply will be available to all people which may not sound that intriguing—yet this would solely be the most critical development in the era of medicine. Patients will finally lead healthcare.

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